My name's Ash. 22.
It is often my nature to be abstract,
hidden in plain sight,
or nowhere at all.

i’m trying so hard not to laugh at anything because i’m at work but everything is so fucking hilarious this morning omg

My Chemical Romance Videos


the color he SHOULD have gotten


the color he SHOULD have gotten


San Francisco landmarks, 2014

hello, cuties. (◡‿◡✿)

my name is ash nicole. i’m twenty-two, and not a very interesting person.

my previous urls were ukegerard, coffeeforgerard, soulpumpkins, and asheaton.

i’m married to a rad individual named nate. we were officially married on april 9, 2011.

i am a business & design student and currently reside in the south. i like mcr, other shitty music, art, make-up, high fashion, films, and pretty things.

i am also a beauty advisor for estee lauder.

my favorite bands include:

mcr ((obviously))
fall out boy
one direction ((don’t hate))
twenty one pilots
vampire weekend

i am an incredibly friendly individual, so feel free to message me if you would like to know more about me. also, if you need someone to talk to about any personal problems or ask for advice, feel free to message me. i will always make time for anyone who needs help, or just wants to say hi.

you get the idea.
You are all lovely.